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Our Mission

At Grampi Blind Care, we firmly believe that even the most minute initiative counts in the long run, and small steps contribute towards the overall betterment of mankind. We also salute all those selfless people who are care-givers of the visually impaired, and spend their lives dedicated towards the welfare of the blind. The training of such care-givers is equally important as this improves their overall training and care-giving efficiency, and this has led us to strive towards the provision of immaculate training to these blind trainers and care-givers.


Training Videos for Blind Care Professionals

We have a collection of professionally created blind care training videos for the benefit of those who want to get trained in the realm of blind care. These training videos range from a duration of 20 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes, and include a voice over in the background explaining the entire process in detail. Owing to the expertise and experience that we have accumulated in the realm of blind care in the past couple of years, there are definitely no qualms about the reliability and accuracy of information provided as well as displayed on our videos. In order to view a free 15-minute demo clip on caring for the visually impaired, please register with us immediately!


Braille Certification Courses

The Braille Certification Courses that are provided at Grampi Blind Care are available via distance learning mode by means of video-conferencing, or by the conventional classroom mode with a lot of emphasis on practical sessions. While the conventional classroom course is the more detailed one and lasts for a total duration of 6 months, the distance module is simply an introductory one, which provides one with a very brief glimpse of the script as a whole. In order to enroll for either of these courses, you need to download the application form available on our website, and email the duly filled form to us. After reviewing the same, we will be notifying you about the course schedule and details.



Personalized Counseling Sessions for Parents

We understand how exhausting it can be for the parents to take care of their visually impaired child, be it mentally, physically, professionally or financially. Considering these multiple challenges involved, we lay a lot of emphasis on providing systematic and well structured counseling sessions of such parents, who need a shoulder to lay their worries on. These one-on-one counseling sessions have been able to benefit thousands of parents, and have won us plenty of accolades. However, we are largely unaffected by the praise, and we stick to our mission of making this world a much better place for the visually impaired. After all, they deserve to be as happy as anybody else.


Join our Campaign

Our Organization will very soon be initiating a fund-raising campaign in order to improve the training techniques, medium and infrastructure for the care givers of the visually impaired, so that they can be better trained to perform their duties with increased zeal and dedication.



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Happy Clients

Our noble initiatives have won us plenty of wonderful feedback. View the positive comments here!

I must definitely say that Grampi Blind Care is a step ahead of all other blind care guidance websites, and some of the information available is simply outstanding. Their genuine approach and sincere efforts are exactly what make them stand apart from others.
By Stacy D. Delafuente
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Happy Clients

Our noble initiatives have won us plenty of wonderful feedback. View the positive comments here!

When my daughter went blind because of a chronic illness, I was absolutely devastated and did not know what to do. But thanks to Grampi Blind Care, I learnt to take things positively and have been able to make my daughter self sufficient.
By Zoe Allan
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